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Our fully stocked game room hosts 40 of the newest video arcade and redemption games, re-invented classics, including Ring Toss and Skee-Ball, or go all-in on one of our new games - Break The Plate, Whack-A-Clown, Perfect 10, Super Ticket Chicken & the infamous Cut 2 Win!

Skee ball

Rack up tickets playing a variety of redemption games, then cash in your winnings for serious prizes and enjoy some of the most exclusive games, The HALO Fireteam Bravo, Super Bikes 3, Pearl Fishery & Hyper Pitch!

How To Play

► Step 1:  LOAD UP ON FUN

Forget the cash, coins and counting tickets.  We took out all the hassle and packed all the fun into one card.  Visit the kiosk to load funds onto your games card or reload your card at the games desk.


Swish, score and swipe your way to big winnings on our selection of redemption games perfect for any age.  Better yet, all your winnings will be added directly to your games card.


Drop by the redemption store and walk away with serious prizes.  Load up on everything from toys and trinkets to life-size animals, new-age gadgets and top-of-the-line electronics.

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